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weeblrAMP Extras

Extended AMP support for WordPress

weeblrAMP is a WPEngine Preferred plugin

WooCommerce support

weeblrAMP Extras brings you support for WooCommerce, the leading WordPress E-Commerce solution. Most features compatible with the AMP specification are implemented, and users will be directed to the standard HTML pages automatically for actions such as Viewing the cart, or Checking out.

WooCommerce features

  • AMPlified products, categories or search pages, with pagination
  • Add to cart directly on AMP pages
  • Up to date minicart
  • Related products
  • Extended schema.org markup, including for related products
  • Extended customization.

Screenshot of weeblrAMP WooCommerce product listing sorting
Screenshot of weeblrAMP WooCommerce product page image gallery
Screenshot of weeblrAMP WooCommerce product add to cart button
Screenshot of weeblrAMP WooCommerce after adding a product to cart
Screenshot of weeblrAMP WooCommerce related products display

Easy Digital Downloads

Visitors navigate through download pages and categories. Add to cart or Buy now buttons are AMPlified. Supports fixed and variable pricing. Up to date minicart. Extended schema.org markup.
Screenshot of an Easy Digital Download AMP page
Screenshot of an Easy Digital Download AMP page after purchase

Hands-free Disqus commenting

Disqus provides support for Accelerated Mobile Pages, but it's a complicated setup: insert some PHP code in your theme and host a small html file on another domain than yours, using HTTPS.
We have made this much simpler: just click on a button to do all of this! we will create and host the file for you (over a worldwide CDN for speed).
Screenshot of weeblrAMP Disqus settings
Screenshot of weeblrAMP Disqus comments

Unlimited sites

Being GPL-licensed, you can already install and use weeblrAMP on just as many sites you want. However with a weeblrAMP Extras subscription, WordPress one-click updates will work on all your sites, and we will provide support for just as many!
Improve your mobile search performance
weeblrAMP is ready for translations. Want to contribute? please see this FAQ item for information.