SEOInfo, our free Chrome and Firefox extension

A couple of months ago, I started using Firefox more and more and found that I was missing on at least one SEO-related extension. That's when I set out to build a simple browser extension to accompany me in Firefox and ... 2 months later, we now have a fully featured Firefox and Chrome SEO extension. Yes, it was so useful to me on Firefox that I could not do without it on Chrome :)

Here's is a short extract from the documentation:

SEOInfo displays icon alerts as you navigate website pages for SEO-related technical errors. At the click of a button, all SEO and performance information and graphs about the current page are displayed. This includes SEO checks and AMP validation inside the extension. This information can be saved with a single click to another tab for printing or saving to file.

What SEOInfo does

Plenty of things! A nearly full list can be found on this page of the documentation but there are mostly 2 things I wanted to achieve:

  • Get alerts on SEO-related issue while navigating pages of a website, withouth having to click on something or do anything at all
  • When needed, click a button to get a/ full information about the current page and b/ even more checks and validation at a click of a button

WordCamp Bucharest and presentation video


Just back from Bucharest where we attended WordCamp on October 27. Another packed event with more than 200 in attendance, a great venue and an awesome organizing team. They did manage to complete the full 14-speakers event in one single day on time and with a lot of fun

I attended the entire event and did appreciate a lot the mix of technical, marketing and motivational talks. Not to mention the food quality :)

All talks were filmed and will be soon on but I have recorded my slides and the entire audio of my presentation, including questions. Please feel free to comment or ask details, here in the comments on on YouTube directly.

WordCamp Bucharest 2018 hero image

Thanks again to the other speakers and all the organizing team.



Meet us at WordCamp Bucharest this weekend

WordCamp Bucharest 2018 hero image


A quick note to invite you to WordCamp Bucharest this weekend, October 27/28. I was selected as one of the speakers. Once again, I'll be speaking about Accelerated Mobile Pages: it's getting faster!

Aside from my talk - ;), there are many speakers on stage for the event. Here is the full schedule which will make it a very busy saturday of talks and meetings of course. As is common, Sunday 28 will be contributor day.

I'll be available on site most of the weekend, so feel free to get in touch at any time!



WordCamp Dublin, a thrilling event with so much useful stuff inside

WordCamp Dublin 2017 hero image


This weekend was spent in Dublin a crowd of more than 200 WordPress enthusiasts. Although the first WordCamp in Dublin, it definitely looked the wonderful organizing team had been doing this for years! Everything went smoothly in a perfectly picked venue with large rooms, fine equipment and plenty of networking time.

Kudos and may thanks to the entire team, including Rodolfo, Ramit, Mark Colm and all the numerous volunteers that made it possible!

But a WordCamp is not only about good company and good food, the schedule was packed with useful talks for various audiences types. I was lucky to present my "Accelerated Mobile Pages: why and how?" talk in front of a full room, and you will find my slides below. I could not attend all sessions of course, but I really enjoyed those I saw, and amongst them:

  • Amanda Webb's talk,"Not your usual talk about getting Blog readers" packs useful, real-life, no-nonsense information that should help you get, well, more readers on your blog. She also lists tools such as headlines checkers or content analyzers that will help you write better content.
  • GDPR was one of the hot topics, with Claude Saulnier and Heather Burns getting into the details of what it means for most of us dealing with European visitors and customers
  • Juan Felipe Rinc√≥n from Google gave a global, yet accurate description of "how Google works", sorting out things that matter more and those that you don't need to worry about too much if you care about SEO.

Meet us at WordCamp Dublin this weekend

WordCamp Dublin 2017 hero image


Another quick note to invite you to WordCamp Dublin this weekend, October 14-15. I was lucky to be selected as one of the speakers, and unsurprisingly I'll be speaking about Accelerated Mobile Pages: why and how?

My session is saturday morning, but I'll be around the entire weekend, so feel free to ask any question, any time :) In case you can't, slides will be available here shortly after the talk as usual.

If you care for much more than AMP, there's a full line up of speakers from all horizons making up a very busy schedule with a two-tracks, two-days event.



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