WordCamp Dublin, a thrilling event with so much useful stuff inside

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This weekend was spent in Dublin a crowd of more than 200 WordPress enthusiasts. Although the first WordCamp in Dublin, it definitely looked the wonderful organizing team had been doing this for years! Everything went smoothly in a perfectly picked venue with large rooms, fine equipment and plenty of networking time.

Kudos and may thanks to the entire team, including Rodolfo, Ramit, Mark Colm and all the numerous volunteers that made it possible!

But a WordCamp is not only about good company and good food, the schedule was packed with useful talks for various audiences types. I was lucky to present my "Accelerated Mobile Pages: why and how?" talk in front of a full room, and you will find my slides below. I could not attend all sessions of course, but I really enjoyed those I saw, and amongst them:

  • Amanda Webb's talk,"Not your usual talk about getting Blog readers" packs useful, real-life, no-nonsense information that should help you get, well, more readers on your blog. She also lists tools such as headlines checkers or content analyzers that will help you write better content.
  • GDPR was one of the hot topics, with Claude Saulnier and Heather Burns getting into the details of what it means for most of us dealing with European visitors and customers
  • Juan Felipe Rincón from Google gave a global, yet accurate description of "how Google works", sorting out things that matter more and those that you don't need to worry about too much if you care about SEO.

Meet us at WordCamp Dublin this weekend

WordCamp Dublin 2017 hero image


Another quick note to invite you to WordCamp Dublin this weekend, October 14-15. I was lucky to be selected as one of the speakers, and unsurprisingly I'll be speaking about Accelerated Mobile Pages: why and how?

My session is saturday morning, but I'll be around the entire weekend, so feel free to ask any question, any time :) In case you can't, slides will be available here shortly after the talk as usual.

If you care for much more than AMP, there's a full line up of speakers from all horizons making up a very busy schedule with a two-tracks, two-days event.



WPEngine picks weeblrAMP as Preferred Plugin

weeblrAMP page on WPEngine solution center


Just a quick note to let you know we have been lucky to have WPEngine select weeblrAMP as their Preferred plugin for AMP implementation.

WPEngine just opened their Solution center, which gathers a list of carefully selected WordPress solutions of various types: mostly plugins, but also services such as CDN, email marketing, etc They are classified in categories: site setup, development, speed, security, marketing, design, e-commerce, site enhancements, and content.

Included solutions were tested and selected by the WEngine team. To quote the initial blog post: " ...we pick solutions that are optimized for site speed, are supported by the company that offers the solution, and offer solutions for WP Engine’s customers in innovative ways."

Very happy to be there alongside famous other members of the WordPress family! We do have more innovative features coming and will do our best to match WPEngine and community expectations in the coming months!



weeblrAMP on WordPress plugins directory, Easy Digital Downloads and Mailchimp support

weeblrAMP community edition page on WordPress plugins directory


I haven't posted here in a while but that's because we've been busy cooking up big new things for weeblrAMP: just a few days ago, weeblrAMP community was accepted and published on the WordPress plugins directory! Already a big news in itself, but in line with what we discussed with other community members at the last WordCamp Europe, we have also completed support of Easy Digital Downloads and Mailchimp 4 WordPress.

There is still much to do, but I now feel we have made progress on the way to offering automated and high quality AMP pages creation for a wide range of WordPress sites:

  • For content sites: already well covered, but we can now share a large part of that with the community through the free of charge weeblrAMP Community edition
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads allow for AMPlifying both physical and digital goods offering
  • Marketing: automatic conversion and operation of Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Mailchimp 4 WordPress means many visitors intercation can now take place on AMP pages

 Let's see this in more details...

Practical AMP: adjust structured data for Recipes sites

Example of filtering AMP doc type


We just had a customer asking about how to efficiently improve the structured data on their AMP pages. Being such a major SEO optimization one can make, especially for a Recipes site, I thought this would be a good example of using one of many weeblrAMP filters and actions. And so here is the first installment of our #practicalAMP series!

The site in question has both a number of informational pages and then a very large number of recipes. When creating AMP versions of all those pages, weeblrAMP automatically adds AMP-required minimal schema.org structured data, and then some depending on the document type. Which is why it is important to recognize the document type, when possible.

weeblrAMP lets you select the default document type, and then add some shortcode in your content if you need to specify one for some post or page. Not viable for several hundreds existing recipes though, and that's where WordPress filters get into action...

weeblrAMP featured in WPEngine + Yoast webinar

 wordcamp bordeaux 2017 accelerated mobile pages


Accelerated Mobile Pages is in the news, and in case you missed it, WP Engine dedicated one of their webinar to AMP, under the title: AMP for WordPress: the inside scoop.  This was a joint presentation by David Vogelpohl from WP Engine and Joost de Valk, the well-known founder of Yoast.com.

After just been in touch with them for a few days, they selected weeblrAMP to be one of two methods presented to add AMP to your WordPress site. The other one being the standard AMP plugin by Automattic, completed with Yoast AMP glue plugin.

Maybe even more interesting than the actual tech details of implementing AMP, Joost and David started by discussing the Pros and Cons and Whys of having AMP. This part alone makes it a worthwhile listening, I thought it was a fair review of some of the issues involved in the AMP technology as well as the users and site owners benefits. Especially the "myths debunking part", of which weeblrAMP was part of :)  

The webinar was recorded, and the slides are available on this page of WP Engine.com.

Looking forward to seeing them both at WordCamp Europe 2017!



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