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weeblrAMP on WordPress plugins directory, Easy Digital Downloads and Mailchimp support

weeblrAMP community edition page on WordPress plugins directory


I haven't posted here in a while but that's because we've been busy cooking up big new things for weeblrAMP: just a few days ago, weeblrAMP community was accepted and published on the WordPress plugins directory! Already a big news in itself, but in line with what we discussed with other community members at the last WordCamp Europe, we have also completed support of Easy Digital Downloads and Mailchimp 4 WordPress.

There is still much to do, but I now feel we have made progress on the way to offering automated and high quality AMP pages creation for a wide range of WordPress sites:

  • For content sites: already well covered, but we can now share a large part of that with the community through the free of charge weeblrAMP Community edition
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads allow for AMPlifying both physical and digital goods offering
  • Marketing: automatic conversion and operation of Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Mailchimp 4 WordPress means many visitors intercation can now take place on AMP pages

 Let's see this in more details...

Content sites

So we have finally come around to publishing weeblrAMP Community edition on the WordPress plugins directory. Many plugins authors start the other way around, with a free of charge version which then evolves into a paid one.

We hope we get the feature set right, and it might evolve in time, but simply put weeblrAMP Community lets you build a full AMP site automatically, free of charge:

  • Posts, pages, categories, tags and various custom post types and menus can be AMPlified.
  • You can insert Ads with no coding
  • Type in your Analytics ID to get Google Analytics working.
  • Full schema.org support, OGP and Twitter Cards.
  • A style customizer of course.
  • Yoast SEO and JetPack integrations
  • All actions, filters and template overrides you'll ever need
  • And our in-house, whitelist-based AMP converter for 100% page validation

The paid for, regular Edition of course brings in many additional features

E-commerce: Easy Digital Downloads

After news sites when AMP was launched, E-Commerce is where the most AMP support is to be found these days. AMP sites seems to convert significantly better than most regular sites. Most likely because of the speed, but also of the removal of much cruft that often gets in the way.

weeblrAMP already offers extensive WooCommerce support, and so the other 800-pounds gorilla in the field is Easy Digital Downloads. It's the WordPress standard for anyone offering files for download, for free or for a charge.

Easy Digital Downloads variable pricing download AMP page

We set out to provide the same automatic AMP conversion for EDD as for WooCommerce:

  • Browse downloads categories or tags, downloads pages
  • Add to cart, and stay on AMP
  • An up to date minicart
  • Direct checkout is supported
  • Variable pricing as well: user can select different options for a download, before adding to cart

Here again, the goal is to provide visitors with fully consistent AMP experience

Marketing: Mailchimp For WordPress

Collecting visitors information was already possible with Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, but a piece of the puzzle was still lacking: sign-up people to your newsletter. Mailchimp is probably the most commonly used solution here, so we added a Mailchimp for WordPress AMP integration to weeblrAMP.

Mailchimp for WordPress AMP sign-up form 

As usual, we tried to make to simple, so all your Mailchimp for WP sign-up forms are automatically converted, if you use a mc4wp shortcode to put them in your posts or pages. If you don't already have shortcodes, you can use instead an AMP widget to add Mailchimp sign-up forms to all or some of your AMP pages.

That's all for now! Need other integrations or features? Please get in touch in the comments or on Twitter with any question or suggestions!