Welcome to WeeblrPress

Screenshot of weeblrAMP-generated sample AMP pages

The title says it all: Welcome!

My name is Yannick Gaultier, and I am running WeeblrPress. For nearly 10 years now, I have developed GPL-licensed CMS plugins, as a business venture for more than 7 years. While mostly working on the Joomla! side of things, our products include SEO and content-generation oriented extensions.

Since Google started talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages at the end of 2015, we have been very busy developing and supporting an AMP plugin for Joomla! It opened the same day Google started using AMP in their search results, and has grown since then into some kind of a standard, receiving the Joomla! Innovation of the Year for 2016 last May.

With that work as a strong basis for being able to generate valid AMP pages for many real-life websites, we looked at the WordPress AMP scenery and found that despite a very large offering, important things were missing.

So we set out to build weeblrAMP, an AMP plugin for WordPress with a focus on:

  • Advanced features, such as automatic forms conversion or live commenting
  • Strong support for WooCommerce,including AMP-Add To Cart
  • SEO: OGP, TCards, schema.org markup, and Yoast connector to pick up your custom data
  • Extensive customization from WordPress admin
  • Even more extensive customization for developers, through templates overrides and more than 70 fully documented filters and actions
  • An exhaustive documentation
  • Professional support

We believe AMP is here to stay, and its usage should and will expand, bringing a lot of benefits to web site users. Though large publishers and e-commerce websites are already taking advantage of AMP, smaller ventures may not have custom development resources still often needed today for a proper implementation. 

With weeblrAMP, we hope to help reduce that gap, allowing many WordPress sites owner and developers to fully implement AMP sites in a faster and more efficient way.

To give a better feeling of what weeblrAMP can do, we have developed a demonstration site - actually several, as this is a multisite WordPress. Feel free to navigate through it, test, leave comments and add stuff to your cart (no worries, there is no payment on that shop!). Another good way of getting to know weeblrAMP is to look at the documentation center. If you are a programmer or a site developer, you'll be interested to read there about the customization options, including our hooks reference.

Finally, we still consider weeblrAMP a beta version, though it's been already tested for quite a while, but as usual it takes some time to cater for the very many different WordPress and server configurations available on the web, so please make sure to test for yourself before hand.