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2018-12-20 19:33

2018-12-20Version 0.5.1

chgImproved HTTP protocol detection method - requires Chrome 61+ or Firefox 51+

2018-12-20Version 0.5.0

newNow displaying server IP address and HTTP protocol used (http2 vs http1)
newNow displaying all response headers from server for current page
newRecording and displaying server-side redirects used to access current page, if any
chgAdded a warning when a page is loaded by a service worker which prevents SEOInfo to get the HTTP status
bugStructured data referring to instead of are not detected

2018-12-12Version 0.4.1

chgDo not consider maximum-scale=1 and user-scalable=no in viewport tag as making the page non mobile-compatible.
chgWhen saving page analysis, prompt user for a custom title, default to current date and time
chgAdded unit after FCP display on main perf graph
bugCustom title not working when saving a page analysis if page URL has a # sign
bugHandle sites where canonical link is not fully qualified
bugHandle sites where amphtml link is not absolute
bugResources with scheme-relative URLs are not properly verified.

2018-12-05Version 0.4.0

newNow showing First Paint and First Contentful Paint timing on supporting browsers (that would be Chrome as of now)
chgSkip request made by browser for favicon.ico
chgClearer labels for sizes and transferred data

2018-11-16Version 0.3.2

chgUpdated extension description to comply with stores requirements

2018-11-16Version 0.3.1

newAdded link to documentation
newAdded French translation
newAdded a list of known common hosts for which robots.txt check is bypassed
newPage analysis can now be saved to a separate tab for printing and saving
newNow applying robots.txt to resources (js, css) to detect when search engines cannot properly represent the page
newNow reading robots.txt in the background and applying to current page for indexability
newNow displaying HTTP status and indexability
newExtracted all messages and added internationalization support

2018-11-15Version 0.2.1

newDetecting nofollow and noindex from meta tags or X-Robots-Tag response header