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2020-05-19 17:03build 783

2020-05-19Version 1.12.5

bugFatal error when using Yoast 14+ and no company logo is set in weeblrAMP settings

2020-05-19Version 1.12.4

chgFrom WooCommerce 4.0, error messages when adding to cart have a different format.
chgAdded support for Yoast 14.0
chgHide WPForms spinner
bugCannot use automatic Disqus support when using the new, shortest access key

2020-04-01Version 1.12.3

bugCannot one-click update full version since update key length change

2020-04-01Version 1.12.2

bugWooCommerce variations selectors may not work for all attributes if they have mixed upper/lower case.

2020-04-01Version 1.12.1

chgMake sure WooCommerce products variations can be used on sites with non-latin characters used in variations name.
chgDefault text color for sharing buttons changed to white
chgLarge French translation update
chgIf theme is disabled on AMP pages, product reviews may not be displayed on WC > 3.3
chgAdjusted to changes in Mailchimp For WP API.
chgAdded 2 filters, weeblramp_wc_review_author_html and weeblramp_wc_review_date_time_html to customize display of author and date/time on WooCommerce reviews
bugWPForms detailed error message are not displayed on WPForms 1.5+
bugWhen site theme is disabled on AMP pages, you should still be able to use template overrides located in the theme
bugSuppressed a few notices and warning under PHP 7.4
bugAfter a change in active theme, customizations in weeblramp/functions.php or template overrides may not be applied
bugA couple of wrong actions documentation tags.

2019-10-01Version 1.12.0

newNow adding a robots meta tag for all pages to comply with new Google/EU opt-in requirements to fully appear in search results
newAdded support for posts page as homepage
newSupport for WPForms forms
newGoogle Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels are now part of the free Community edition of weeblrAMP
chgNow allowing password and file input types on AMP forms, per AMP specification.
chgAdded ugc and sponsored to the list of allowed rel attributes
chgRemoved direct support Amazon ads, should now be created as custom ads
chgAdded support for AdSense auto format and full width attributes
chgPlace holder in search box cannot be translated
bugPHP warnings may be displayed on some servers with get_current_user disabled
bugURL with extra characters after the amp suffix may sometimes be rendered as valid while they should trigger a 404.
bugReadmore links are not properly displayed when created as Gutenberg blocks
bugShow Tracked Events option only when Google Analytics is enabled, not for Facebook Pixel - closes #149
bugPossible PHP warnings on WooCommerce sites
bugSome WooCommerce category pages may show a PHP warning
bugNotice error from reference to publisher_id in meta tags which should have been removed with Google+ support - closes #148

2019-04-02Version 1.11.0

newRemoved support for Google+ across all plugins
chgSite theme may not be disabled on AMP version if URL is not accessed without trailing slash when it's supposed to have one
chgUsing more translated strings from WooCommerce for cart
chgHandle gravityforms shortcodes as well as more usual gravityform ones
bugDo not include AggregateRating structured data on WooCommerce pages when there's not rating yet
bugIncorrect links to related products in WooCommerce AMP page json+ld structured data

2018-12-20Version 1.10.3

bugA warning may be displayed on all pages if WP_DEBUG is enabled after updating to previous version, until configuration is saved again.

2018-12-08Version 1.10.2

2018-12-05Version 1.10.1

newAdded support for Bing AMP cache to all forms handling
chgNow enforcing and cleaning attributes on amp-carousel elements created by user

2018-08-20Version 1.10.0

newAdded French translation
newAdded Spanish translation
newImproved support WordPress and Gutenberg embeds for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Vimeo and Vine
newAdded CSS for Gutenberg image galleries
newAdded support for Facebook Pixel analytics
newCan insert multiple amp-analytics tags from settings (required filter or template override before)
chgUpdated mustache template library version to 0.2
chgHR tags are not auto-closed
chgDisabled autop processing on Beaverbuilder AMP content
chgAdded a weeblramp_wpautop_function filter to control the autop process on AMP content
bugSome WordPress embed handlers (youtube URLs) were not always rendered in Gutenberg-generated content.
bugDescription may not be set on rare occasions in json-ld structured data
bugDocument type may not be set correctly on rare occasions in json-ld structured data
bugPossible warning errors when a product has no term associated with it on WooCommerce pages.
bugPHP warning may appear with PHP 7.2+ when displaying post/page with no links to other posts

2018-05-16Version 1.9.0

newAdded integration for Elementor, to improve quality of support.
newAdded integration for BeaverBuilder, to improve quality of support.
newAdded meta box to force/disable AMP per individual page, post, product,... - close #139
newAdded support for WooCommerce variable products option selection and add to cart.
newAdded a wrapCustomContent API method to prevent arbitrary content to be converted or stripped
chgRemove all wbamp-* shortcodes, even on pages that have been marked specifically as non-amp by user.
chgPossible warnings when using the Twentyfourteen theme on some pages.
chgAvailability display now done with an amp-list, up to date also when displayed on AMP Cache.
bugPublisher image is removed due to incorrect image size validation

2018-02-19Version 1.8.2

newAdded an API shorthand method to wrap an AMP form in content
chgUpdated page image validation: json-ld page image must now be 1200px+ wide, have more than 800,000 pixels and be either a jpg, png or gif.
chgRemoved fallback image management: page image must belong to displayed page per AMP specification, so a fallback image should not be used any longer.
chgNow allowing most input element, per updated AMP specification.
chgDisallow p, div and span as direct children of an amp-accordion
chgYoast SEO adds an aria-current attribute to pagination, which breaks AMP validation
bugWrong Log files directory in the Logging level setting help text.
bugToo many messages logged to internal library error log file, if logging set to "Debugging"

2017-11-13Version 1.8.1

chgNow allowing activation if insufficient write permissions prevent installing our MU-plugin. A warning is displayed in control panel instead.
chgLimit max number of terms per taxonomy displayed when selecting pages to AMPlify. Hosting with low max_user_input PHP setting may otherwise truncate settings upon save.
chgAdjust to change in Mailchimp sign-up form, human-detection message was visible
chgRemoved outline around search icon when clicked
chgNow highlighting selected menu item
bugSometimes, a 'Web property ID' missing warning is displayed in admin if Google Tag manager is used, even if an ID has been entered.

2017-09-20Version 1.8.0

newAdded support for custom permalink /category/postname
newImplemente Automattic amp_post_template_metadata filter, for better compatibility with other plugins that provides custom AMP metadata
chgAdded noindex,follow on AMP search results pages
chgNow hiding "page" title in posts and pages pagination
bugTag or category restriction may not be complied with if weeblrAMP configuration is not re-saved after tag or category has been created
bugUnfortunate removal of pagination for multipage posts and pages in last version

2017-09-08Version 1.7.0

newAdded support for AMP Analytics Client ID API - allows better tracking of AMP pages
chgAMP does not recommend a separate Analytics ID any more (with Client ID API usage). Updated settings help.
chgImproved display on empty categories, tags or archive
chgNow reading again Analytics web property ID from Yoast, if present
bugFatal error when using the "Disable all filters and shortcodes" option
bugPossible PHP warning, without consequence, on some admin-side pages

2017-09-05Version 1.6.0

newAdded automatic resizing of Publisher logo, when not complying with AMP requirements - close #114
chgAdded small drop-shadow to all buttons.
chgVisual customizer now also has help directly embedded in settings page.
chgCSS to prevent code HTML elements to be wider than page, without scrollbars
chgPossible fatal error if Automattic AMP plugin (or another AMP plugin) is still active
chgNow allowing expanded attribute on section element, required for amp-accordion to display with one pane open
chgOptimized embedded help, reduced ajax requests, smoother display
chgNow defaulting to disabling the theme on AMP pages - close #119
chgAdded a configuration check for when Divi is part of the theme, not installed as a plugin
chgConfiguration check for custom CSS now displayed on customizer
bugContact Form 7 forms may generate an AMP warning (not an error) due to reCaptcha iframe not entirely removed

2017-08-04Version 1.5.0

newAmplify links in content based on their CSS class(es) - close #118
newTurned Link to main site feature into a general announcement box feature - close #113
chgRemoved some strings from language files, that should not be translated - close #116
chgDisabling the theme on AMP pages is now an option, better compatibility with sites with plugins embedded into the them - close #117
chgAdded cover image size to header background image
bugNotice error if a plugin with an integration is disabled

2017-07-31Version 1.4.0

newDocumentation for each setting is now visible directly in the admin (and still available on the weeblrPress website of course) - close #110
chgDo not always include amp-analytics script if an amp-notification is included: can cause a validator warning - close #109
bugUsing the wbamp-no-widgets content shortcode can cause a fatal error
bugDocumentation server misses www, causes a useless redirect


chgA few language strings were not in language file for translation.
chgPrevent updates from when doing local development
chgAdded a check in theme plugins to be sure the main weeblrAMP plugin version is high enough - close #102
chgRemoved unused code in WooCommerce integration, should be faster
bugAvoid fatal error on servers where the PHP mbstring extension is not available - close #107

2017-07-23Version 1.3.0

newAdded support for Easy Digital Downloads
newAdded support for Mailchimp for WordPress - close #39
newWhen a post slug is modified, make sure a 301 redirect also happens between the old and new AMP version of the page (WordPress already creates the redirect for the standard version of the page)
chgUse is_admin to detect admin pages in mu-plugin
chgAdded some space when social sharing buttons set wraps at lower width
chgAdded description field to structured data - close #66
chgContent selection: an item without a category is now selected if post type is selected, even if there only some categories are selected.
chgWP comment form now has target="_top", to allow redirects after commenting.
chgBetter CSS for hiding form and submit buttons after a successful form submission.
chgAdded a button to download the custom Disqus relay file
chgAccessibility, missing alt text on logo, missing value for menu expand buttons
bugLink to main site displayed as an AMP notification had to be dismissed on each page, instead of just once.
bugSocial buttons area background does not use custom color set for page background by user.
bugCustomizer link decoration style setting should not be a color selector
bugCanonical URL might be wrong on some amp pages when permalinks are using trailing slashes.
bugUnable to disable AMPlification of some taxonomies
bugamp-ad script is added on WooCommerce pages, even if ads are disabled - close #98
bugWHen using amp-social-share instead of static buttons, Twitter button is not displayed
bugDoubleClick ads not displayed when inserted through a tag/shortcode in content
bugPossible fatal error when reading a jpg remote file dimensions

2017-06-07Version 1.2.0

newAutomatically insert ads in content, based on paragraph breakdown
chgAdjusted to changes in Contact Form 7 version 4.8 update, which broke CF7 forms on AMP
chgAdded a "Do not show ads" option, to allow displaying ads only with shortcodes or automatically inserted ads based on paragraphs count

2017-05-19Version 1.1.1

chgNuke deprecation notices for missing comments.php file in theme on AMP pages when WP_DEBUG is on.
chgNow always using use_verbose_page_rules when handling taxonomies and archives for Custom Post Types
bugA few errors under PHP 5.3.x
bugFatal error when Polylang is running if TwentySeventeen theme is active

2017-05-18Version 1.1.0

newNow handling all WooCommerce permalinks structures, including custom
newAdded automatic generation of a "name" field for Recipe documents
newAdded a doc_name custom meta tag
newAdded customization option for choice of menu to display per language.
newAdded Polylang support for posts, pages, archives
chgRemoved image dimensions parser code that required PHP 5.4+
chgAvoid fatal error in MU plugin if user rename or move the weeblrAMP plugin directory
chgNow automatically adding AMP pagination handling for all enabled product types
chgNow entirely disabling theme and child theme on AMP pages, avoids interferences in markup - #97
chgAdded back is_amp_endpoint() function, as provided by the standard AMP plugin
chgWhen a new category or taxonomy is created, allow AMPlification for corresponding items, even if user has not explicitely set them in weeblrAMP configuration
chgEnforce page max width to be entered in pixels, AMP responsive layout cannot work with other units
chgAdded a warning when MU-plugin cannot be installed during activation (usually because of incorrect permissions on server)
chgNow also setting the page URL when using Disqus comments, more reliable page attribution when not using the official WordPress Disqus plugin
chgTrim Disqus endpoint before using, in case it has leading/trailing spaces
bugWooCommerce second and more pages on home page are not amplified
bugNotice error if user has not yet saved whether to AMPlify a specific term
bugHome page may not be amplified, even if set to
bugMake sure home link in WooCommerce breadcrumb is also AMPlified, if set so in user configuration.
bugDo not allow input type=button on forms
bugIncorrect documentation for weeblramp_get_jsonld_data and weeblramp_get_structured_data filters, missing one parameter
bugCannot change H3 tags font size, there is a hardcoded font-size:0.9em in weeblrAMP CSS.
bugTypo in documentation link
bugUsing PHP code incompatible with PHP 5.4, can cause fatal error upon activation.
bugWooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages are never AMP, should not have an amphtml rel tag.
bugAMP-only widgets may be displayed on non-AMP pages sometimes - close #90
bugValidation warning if wbamp-no-ads shortcode is used to disable ads on a page, as amp-ad script is still included - closes #86

2017-04-10Version 1.0.3

chgWooCommerce category pages are not AMP: workaround for WordPress ticket 40393
chgPrevent WooCommerce 3.0 deprecation messages when WP_DEBUG is enabled - closes #82
bugWooCommerce breadcrumb filter not applied, breadrcrumbs links are not AMPlified
bugBorder attribute on table element can only have a value of 0 or 1

2017-03-23Version 1.0.2

chgNow using for WooCommerce product page, and removed useless fieds (publisher, author, etc)
chgStructured data: now defaulting to "Article" doc type for single pages and "WebPage" for all others - closes #79
chgNow disallowing itemtype for divs, can invalidate structured data - closes #80


newAdded support for Google Tag Manager
chgAdded "Tested" field in installation manifest
chgNow using disable-session-states on amp-accordion - closes #73
bugWrong link to Customizer on plugins page quick links