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2020-05-19 12:44build 201

2020-05-19Version 1.1.3

chgMake sure WooCommerce products variations can be used on sites with non-latin characters used in variations name.
chgIf theme is disabled on AMP pages, product reviews may not be displayed on WC > 3.3
bugReviews are not showing on WooCommerce product pages
bugHorizontal line is displayed when product category title is empty.

2019-04-02Version 1.1.2

chgUsing more translated strings from WooCommerce for cart
bugSome WooCommerce strings cannot be translated
bugVariable products with - in attribute name breaks variations selectors
bugView cart string is not in language strings file

2018-08-20Version 1.1.1

chgUpdated mustache template library version to 0.2

2018-05-16Version 1.1.0

newAdded support for entering reviews on AMP product pages.
newAdded support for simple and variable products live stock display on site or on AMP cache
newAdded support for WooCommerce variable products option selection and add to cart.
chgAvailability display now done with an amp-list, up to date also when displayed on AMP Cache.

2017-09-08Version 1.0.9

chgImproved display on empty categories, tags or archive

2017-09-05Version 1.0.8

chgAdded small drop-shadow to all buttons.

2017-07-31Version 1.0.7

newDocumentation for each setting is now visible directly in the admin (and still available on the weeblrPress website of course) - close #110


chgAdded a check in theme plugins to be sure the main weeblrAMP plugin version is high enough - close #102


chgWooCommerce forms now have target="_top", allows redirects
chgBetter CSS for hiding form and submit buttons after a successful form submission.

2017-05-19Version 1.0.4

bugA few errors under PHP 5.3.x

2017-05-18Version 1.0.3

chgAction buttons now have a pointer cursor by default
chgRelated products: avoid themes interfering with WC output, can break some products links - #97
bugMissing top space (padding) on WooCommerce product page tags list

2017-04-10Version 1.0.2

chgPrevent WooCommerce 3.0 deprecation messages when WP_DEBUG is enabled - closes #82

2017-03-15Version 1.0.1