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First, be sure you have read this overview and understand the principles upon which weeblrAMP operates. After you have installed it, there are only a handful of things you have to look at to get started.

After installation

Just after installation, the weeblrAMP plugin is not activated by WordPress. So the first thing to do is to Activate it, on WordPress Plugins page.

By default, weeblrAMP operates in Development mode: AMP pages are available and can be reached by adding amp at the end of the usual WordPress page addresses, but weeblrAMP does not tell search engines that those pages exist. You can thus adjust settings, verify output, check that your pages are valid, select which page should be AMPlified, and which should not, etc

Once you are happy with your setup, you can then switch to Normal operation mode, and let search engines discover and index your pages!

After activation

Right after being activated, weeblrAMP will already produce AMP pages using a default configuration. You can see this by appending amp at the end of one of your pages. You could stop right there and switch to Normal mode to have search engines find your AMP pages, but we strongly suggest for best results that you fully configure and test your setup before doing so.

Configuring weeblrAMP

You can access weeblrAMP settings through the weeblrAMP menu item that was added during installation:

weeblrAMP menu and sub-menus

The settings are split in 2 categories: Settings and Customize

  • Settings: all general configuration options, page selection, meta data, SEO settings, etc
  • Customize: everything related to the visual aspect of your AMP pages

In addition, more sub-menus may be available if you install additional plugins. The WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads AMP support plugins for instance will add their own Customize section, dedicated to changing the visual aspect of their own output.

As already hinted at, you should verify that your pages are valid AMP before letting search engine crawl and index them. Google provides tools to test your page and find any error. Their usage is described on this page. Use them, because invalid pages will simply not be indexed.