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Sometimes, only a subset of your pages should be advertised as AMP-compatible, as Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP imposes some technical restrictions (no javascript, no external CSS), which may require some work from you to adapt your content. That should not happen for WordPress articles or categories, or WooCommerce pages, but may happen with other plugins.

Your News section, your blog, pages describing your organization,... are very good candidates. Same for products landing pages, if they have content in them. As no javascript is allowed on AMP pages, weeblrAMP will remove it (you don't have to modify your pages), but if a page relies entirely on javascript, maybe you don't want to publish it as an AMP page.

Content selection

To let you select the pages you want to show as Accelerated Mobile Pages, weeblrAMP simply shows you a list of your content, including that of various installed plugins:

Content generated by any plugin can be used to serve AMP page, as long as they internally follow the WordPress API and use posts to display data. Other plugins will probably need custom programming to allow proper transformation.

Here is the content selection tab:

weeblrAMP content selection

As you can see, by default all content from all categories or taxonomies is selected for AMPlification. Uncheck one of the checkboxes to prevent transformatin for some specific type of content.

This example shows:
  • standard posts and pages,
  • plus some WooCommerce products and categories
  • projects and testimonials, which are custom types provided by JetPack

The actual display for your site will be different, depending on the plugins installed and your specific setup.

Display type selection

As we want visitors to use the AMP experience as much as possible, weeblrAMP can not only convert standard posts and pages, but pretty much all WordPress display types: categories, archives, tags, search results, even your home page. The corresponding checkboxes let you select which part of your site should be AMPlified:

weeblrAMP content selection