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weeblrAMP-generated Accelerated Mobile Pages have a simple layout, and include some basic meta data, needed to properly identify each page.

Site information

Your site name and tag line are used as basic meta-data to be included on AMP pages. By default, we will pick up the page title and tagline set for your site, so you should usually not have to do anything here.

weeblrAMP metadata configuration

Please note however that this information is also used, by default, to build your site Header: the top part of each page. With the above settings, the header will look like:

weeblrAMP AMP page header

(forget the menu and search icon for now, we'll look at that later...)

As a basic customization, you can add an image to the header:

weeblrAMP metadata configuration with header image

This will result in the following header:

weeblrAMP AMP page header with image

The weeblrAMP Customize settings lets you pick a bakground image instead or in addition to a logo, align text left, center or right, change background and text color, and much more. That's also where you can choose to display a search icon or a menu. Here is how it looks after adding a simple background image:

weeblrAMP AMP page header with image

Publisher information

This step is not required for AMP validation, but we advise that you fill-in some information about you here, as this meta data is a requirement for your AMP pages to be included in the AMP carousel or Top stories sections in Google search results. They will be added by weeblrAMP to the meta data of your AMP pages, and should help in consolidating authority of your organization.

weeblrAMP metadata publisher information

If you enter a publisher name, you must also provide a logo (or 'publisher image'). The Publisher ID is optional, but recommended, as it links to together your content under a Google+ account, which is possibly benefitial.

The image you select for your page must comply with:

maximum height: 60px maximum width: 600px either height = 60px (preferred) or width = 600px

To put it shortly, your publisher logo should be exactly 60px in height. The only exception is if this rule would make it wider that 600px (very unlikely!), in which case you can reduce the height so that the width is exactly 600px