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Content layout

This section gives you a lot of control of the actual elements displayed on each content type: Posts, Pages, Categories & Archives, Home, Search and Comments.

You can pick which visual element to include or not, per content type, without having to do any programming or theme customization.

weeblrAMP header logo position

Please note when on this page that AMP widgets, the ability to leave comments and all search-related options are only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.

Content styles: galleries

weeblrAMP will create AMP image carousels from:

  • your existing WordPress galleries
  • WooCommerce pictures for a given products

You can optionally decide here to automatically display thumbnails, for a quick access to each image:

weeblrAMP gallery with thumbnails

When using the [gallery] shortcode, you can add the following attributes, specific to AMP:

  • amp_type: slides | carousel
  • amp_controls empty | controls
  • amp_loop (slides only)
  • amp_autoplay (slides only)
  • amp_delay (slides only)

Content styles

You can configure the colors, size, style of most of your page content without touching any CSS. The list of customizable elements includes:

  • general text
  • pagination
  • read more links
  • other links
  • H1 to H3 styles

For instance, here is the pagination section:

weeblrAMP pagination customization