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Why and when

weeblrAMP offers already quite some level of customization, directly from its control panel, when it comes to changing the visual aspect, colors, etc of your AMP pages. However, this may not be sufficient for the level of customization your desire. The next step is to add your own CSS to override the CSS built-in weeblrAMP default them, or add more CSS for your specific content.

AMP does not allow linking an external CSS file, and all CSS rules must be directly put inline inside a page. To achieve this easily, weeblrAMP offers 2 settings, where you can, respectively, custom CSS rules, and custom links (for fonts)

weeblrAMP custom styles options

You can only link to approved fonts providers. Please check out the AMP fonts documentation page for details

CSS restrictions

The AMP specification puts some restrictions on the CSS rules allowed. Please consult the AMP documentation on this page for more details. Most notably:

  • no style inline attributes
  • !important is not allowed
  • :not() is not allowed