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We believe the ability to customize weeblrAMP output of AMP pages is a major requirement of any content generation system, so we have strived to provide you, as a user, or as a web developer, many ways to customize weeblrAMP the way you need.

Customization methods

We provide multiple customization methods:

  1. Control panel customizer: point & click (includes most CSS additions/changes)
  2. Shortcodes: codes to include in your content
  3. Hooks (actions and filters): to programmatically alter weeblrAMP operation
  4. Templates overrides in theme or child theme: to alter AMP page HTML layout or output

This documentation section will cover the first method, customization through weeblrAMP control panel. The next section, starting here, will cover the other 3 methods.

Customization through the control panel

weeblrAMP customize menu

Customization options can be accessed through the Customize weeblrAMP sub-menu. Optionally, and if installed, WooCommerce customization options have their own sub-menu.

Many customization settings only appear when you enable a specific option. For instance, detailed options for the Link to main site feature only appear when you click the checkbox to enable it