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Page layout

This configuration tab, on the Customize menu, lets you pick and configure important element of an AMP page:

A search box is an integral part of any website, including an AMP one. The weeblrAMP version uses the WordPress native search. Search results are AMPlified (in accordance with the content selection rules that you set earlier).

Search is only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.

Adding an AMP box on your site can be done in various ways:

  • either through a magnifying glass that users can click/touch to open a search input popup
  • or by displaying directly the search input field

weeblrAMP search box display options

Here is a sample using an search icon:

weeblrAMP search box as an icon

Here is another one where the search box is permanently displayed at the top of the page:

weeblrAMP search box displayed permanently

Language switcher

When using a compatible multilingual plugin, the plugin language switcher cannot usually be used (because they usually are forms, which requires special processing with AMP). And so weeblrAMP provides an AMP-compatible language switcher, which will be automatically displayed when needed on AMP pages.

This feature is only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.

weeblrAMP language switcher display options

An announcement box

At times you might want to display a specific message to all your visitors, such as an upcoming downtime, or a promotion. One way to do this is to display an appropriate notice:

weeblrAMP announcement box front end display

The customizer provides several options for you to locate and change text or colors. You can also include a button link, and customize both the button title and target URL:

weeblrAMP announcement boxe display options

If you include a button link, the default URL is the standard HTML version of the current AMP page using the [weeblramp_current_page_non_amp] shortcode (see screenshot).

An AMP-specific footer can be displayed and customized from the control panel.

Tip: use the shortcode [weeblramp_current_year], it will be replaced by the current year. Useful for copyright mention!

An AMP user notification

An amp-notification is a custom AMP element that will show fixed at the bottom of the page (you can change colors later on), to display, well, notifications. One very common use is to help implement the so-called "Cookies law" display:

weeblrAMP Link to main site display options

The message text and button text can be changed from the control panel, the button being actually mandatory. You also can select from a Dark or Light theme, based on your site colors.

To adjust the look to your site, you can can also work on the CSS of the following elements:

  • amp-user-notification

  • amp-user-notification.amp-active

  • amp-user-notification.amp-active button

Page style

This tab lets you change colors and dimensions of the page globally. Many more options are provided for various other, more specific parts.