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weeblrAMP can work together with some of the most common WordPress plugins, in order to achieve better SEO or interactivity.

Those integrations are listed on the corresponding tab of configuration:

weeblrAMP AMP settings

In case something goes wrong, or you use another solution, you can disable each of them from being used on AMP Pages.

Yoast SEO and JetPack integrations are available in weeblrAMP Community edition. Other integrations require the regular edition of weeblrAMP.


WooCommerce support is very extensive. The integration mentioned here fetches product data, while the specific (and separate) WooCommerce theme plugin handles all the display and customization. Please get more details on the dedicated WooCommerce section.

Easy Digital Downloads

The EDD integration is similar to the WooCommerce one. Downloads pages are AMPlified, but visitors can also browse categories pages. weeblrAMP can handle automatically:

  • "add to cart" operation: products are added to the cart on the AMP page
  • a mini-cart is displayed with number of items in cart, total value and a check-out button
  • "buy now" type of purchase are handled as well, with the ability to go directly to the payment gateway

For more details, please see the Easy Digital Downloads dedicated page.

Mailchimp for WP

The Mailchimp for WP integration lets MC4WP sign-up forms works in the same way on your AMP pages. Conversion of your forms are automatic. Please see the MC4WP dedicated page.


Forms are a major item in making your AMP pages interactive. weeblrAMP provides automatic support for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and WPForms. This means:

  • that the forms you created with one of those plugins in your standard HTML pages will be converted to an AMP compatible format
  • they will be functional, ie users can fill them in, and submit (on your site or when the AMP page is displayed on Google Cache)
  • form data handling will operate as usual: CF7 will send emails with the use data, Gravity Forms will record data in the database, same for WPForms

There are a few limitations, linked to the AMP format itself:

Contact Form 7

AMP does not have yet reCaptcha support (it should come soon though), and so:

  • either do not use captcha or use simple captcha
  • or use reCaptcha on standard HTML and simple captcha on amp. To do that:

    • create 2 forms, one with reCaptcha, one without
    • add both forms to the form page, but wrap them with wbamp-show and wbamp-hide tags


Please send us a message using the form below:

[wbamp-hide start][contact-form-7 id="674" title="Contact form with captcha - standard HTML"][wbamp-hide end]
[wbamp-show start][contact-form-7 id="678" title="Contact form without Captcha"][wbamp-show end]

Gravity Forms

  • must not use ajax, as this uses an iframe with an invalid src attribute, and cannot be converted to AMP properly
  • any field requiring javascript will not work on AMP: reCaptcha, etc It is recommended to make a separate form for AMP and standard HTML
  • no redirect after submission either
  • not compatible with multipage forms


  • must not use ajax, as this uses an iframe with an invalid src attribute, and cannot be converted to AMP properly
  • Honeyport fields will work

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is certainly the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress. If installed, weeblrAMP will draw some data from Yoast, in order to take advantage of the SEO work you may have already done on your site. This includes:

  • publisher information (name, logo)
  • Facebook App id, Twitter account
  • Company social profiles
  • any custom Open Graph meta data you created
  • any custom Twitter Cards meta data you created
  • custom meta description, if you created one


weeblrAMP will:

  • provide support for Jetpack Project and Testimonials custom post types.
  • automatically disable those Jetpack modules that would cause an AMP page to be invalid. At least:

More can be disabled by adding their names to the array filtered with weeblramp_jetpack_modules_to_disable

  • remove Jetpack shortcodes left in your pages that would not be handled by Jetpack on AMP
  • create an amp-pixel AMP element, if you activated the Stats module