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We always pay a lot of attention to SEO, and AMP pages requires the same attention. weeblrAMP has a number of SEO-related features, that basically comes down to trying to help search engines to understand your page content more easily.

For that, we mostly use 2 types of tools: page description meta data and structured data.

All those options are grouped under the SEO tab of weeblrAMP Settings options

Page description meta data

weeblrAMP will automatically create and insert the following meta data:

  • Open Graph meta data (used by Facebook and many others when sharing content)
  • Twitter Cards (mostly used byt Twitter when tweeting content)

weeblrAMP SEO metadata settings

Be sure to provide appropriate accounts data for Facebook and Twitter, or if you have other plans for inserting those metadata, you can disable them individually. structured data

weeblrAMP structured data settings

Generating structured data is mostly automated (but can be disabled). We only use json-ld markup to insert structured data.

We currently insert the following markup:

Social profiles and phone numbers-related structure date are generated in the regular edition of weeblrAMP


In case you want to provide more details, or some meta data is not extracted correctly from your content, you can use shortcodes to provide more data. Please see next page for details.