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Widgets are a nice WordPress features, that lets you display small bits of content on specific locations of your standard pages. For instance, using WordPress default theme, you can us the Widgets page to drag-and-drop a Recent posts or an Archives list onto your Sidebar

AMP widgets are only available in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.

weeblrAMP offers you 3 AMP-only widget positions: AMP: before content, AMP: before comments and AMP: after content

You can drop available widgets onto those positions, and they will be added to your AMP pages, after conversion of the widget content.

weeblrAMP drag and drop widgets

Things to know:

  • You can decide to hide/show those AMP widget per content type, ie: on the home page, but not on categories page, etc See the Customize section.
  • Some widgets are fine to be converted to AMP, some are not. If you want to display a widget with lots of javacript, or requiring external CSS, then AMP is just not going to let you do that