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Before attempting to install weeblrAMP on your site, please review the technical requirements of weeblrAMP. Installing weeblrAMP is done by adding the weeblrAMP zip file you can download from this site through the standard WordPress installer.


You may download weeblrAMP as a single zip file from our download area. Note that depending of the specifics of your site, you may require additional plugins we provide. For instance, the WooCommerce AMP support plugin is required if you plan on using WooCommerce. All additional plugins are installed exactly as weeblrAMP itself.


weeblrAMP is installed as any other plugin, through the WordPress installer. Here is the official WordPress documentation page about installing a plugin. Just repeat the same process if you plan on using additional weeblrAMP plugins, such as the WooCommerce AMP support plugin already mentioned. The initial setup is covered in the Getting started guide, please refer to it for the next steps.

WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and other extension plugins requires the regular edition of weeblrAMP.


weeblrAMP is updated regularly. You should always update to the most current version, as we keep things backward compatible, at least inside major WordPress versions. There are many ways to stay informed of available updates, and they are listed in this FAQ item on our site.

As weeblrAMP uses the WordPress updater, new versions will also be announced in your site administration panel, just like any other plugin:

weeblrAMP updates available

Please visit the Updating page for all details, including how to setup your update key.


Should you wish to remove weeblrAMP from your web site, this is done also using the WordPress plugins page as well. First Deactivate weeblrAMP (and any other related weeblrPress plugin you may have), then Delete them.

The Deactivate and Delete links are found just next to the weeblrAMP plugin row on the plugins page.

Please note that upon removal, weeblrAMP still leaves its configuration stored in WordPress options database table. As weeblrAMP has many parameters, we found this safer. We will add an option in a future release to also remove this configuration options from the database, if you so wish.