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weeblrAMP can automatically converts to an AMP compatible format Mailchimp for WP forms. This ensures that you can insert sign-up pages for your newsletters or other marketing tools easily on your AMP pages.

Mailchimp for WP is only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.


weeblrAMP Mailchimp for WP support is built-in weeblrAMP editions that provides it, and does not require installation. Simply make sure the integration is enabled under the Integrations tab of weeblrAMP main settings page.

We provide support for Mailchimp for WP version 4.1 and more recent.


weeblrAMP Mailchimp for WP integration does not require configuration. Sign-up forms can be used on AMP pages in one of two ways:

Shortcodes in content

Forms embedded in your content with the Mailchimp for WP shortcode are converted automatically.

AMP widgets

A very convenient way, if you do not have signup shortcodes embedded in your regular content already. The AMP widgets are available before content, before comments and after content.

  1. Add a text widget to one of those AMP widgets positions
  2. Insert a Mailchimp for WP shortcode as needed:

weeblrAMP Mailchimp for WP AMP widget creation