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weeblrAMP provides basic support for multilingual WordPress sites, in the form of an integration with the PolyLang free plugin.

In the current implementation,

  • posts, pages and archives can be amplified for separate languages
  • translated rewrite base for Custom Post Types, taxonomies,... are not supported (a PolyLang pro feature)
  • other advanced PolyLang features are not supported
  • Multilingual WooCommerce is not supported
  • PolyLang support is not compatible with weeblrAMP standalone mode

Multilingual support is only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.


weeblrAMP provides a language switcher, suitable for use on AMP pages. It provides you with various options and locations to let users switch languages, while still staying on the AMP version of the site.

These customization settings can be found under the Page layout tab of the Customize menu:

weeblrAMP Language switcher customization options

Here are the various language switcher possitions available:

weeblrAMP Language switcher possible positions

You also have a choice of styles for the language switcher: list of flags, select list, flags and text, etc:

weeblrAMP Language switcher possible display styles