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weeblrAMP will generally have the same technical requirements as those recommended for WordPress itself.

WordPress version

Officially, we only support the current version of WordPress.

Practically speaking, we haven't found any issue yet with weeblrAMP running on WordPress version version 4.5 or more recent (weeblrAMP will not activate under older WordPress versions).

Please note that the full set of weeblrAMP features is only supported when used on the current stable WordPress version.

WordPress setup

weeblrAMP can only be used with permalinks enabled and:

  • Default links (such as are NOT supported
  • Custom Structure will usually be unsupported, though your mileage may vary. We do provide support for the common /%category%/%postname%/ permalink custom structure.


weeblrAMP is compatible with WordPress multisite setups.

Multilingual sites

weeblrAMP currently only supports the Polylang multilingual plugin, using a standard setup. Slug translation is not supported. The current PolyLang version is supported, older versions will usually work as well, but are not officially supported.


weeblrAMP should be able to convert to valid AMP pages any plugin that uses the WordPress "loop", ie the standard WordPress API. However the final AMP page, while valid AMP, may not satisfy you in terms of content or visual aspect. Most notably, AMP requirements to strip any javascript and external CSS may strongly alter the page content, so it basically depends a lot on the page content.

weeblrAMP cannot do much about it automatically, but provides you with all tools to either disable AMPlification for that plugin, or create overrides and custom templates.


Though not a weeblrAMP requirement per se, it is recommended that your web site is served over secure connections (ie: use the HTTPS URL type). If not, some advanced features may not operate properly or at all, due to the AMP specification requirements.


weeblrAMP control panel is tested using the following browsers:

  • Chrome latest version
  • Firefox latest version
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10+

The front-end AMP code and runtime requirements are described on this page of the AMP project website.

Server software

  • PHP: version 5.3.29+
  • Database: MYSQL 5.5.3+
  • Web Server: Apache, nginx. IIS and other untested and unsupported, though should work if WordPress works.


Easy Digital Downloads

The current Easy Digital Downloads version is supported. Older versions will usually work as well, but version 2.7 is required as a minimum.

Mailchimp for WP

The current Mailchimp for WP version is supported, older versions will usually work as well, but are not officially supported.