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weeblrAMP provides extensive support for WooCommerce. In addition to simply AMPlifying product pages, weeblrAMP will let your visitors:

  • browse AMP categories, with pagination and sorting options selector
  • browse AMP product pages
  • full page products images carousel, with thumbnails weeblrAMP WooCommerce product gallery with thumbnails
  • add a product to their cart, from AMP pages, on site or on Google Cache weeblrAMP WooCommerce add product to cart
  • view a live minicart, with number of items and price, plus View cart and Checkout buttons weeblrAMP WooCommerce minicart
  • view ratings and reviews weeblrAMP WooCommerce product reviews
  • view sales
  • view related products

WooCommerce is only supported in the regular edition of weeblrAMP.

In addition, from a more technical standpoing, weeblrAMP will generate

  • extensive markup (json-ld), both for main products and related products, as well as contact information (sales or customer services phone numbers)
  • the usual OpenGraph data and Twitter cards markup for sharing

WooCommerce AMP pages are easily customizable, using the same method than all other contents:

  • from the Admin, using the plugin settings page weeblrAMP WooCommerce customization settings
  • with filters and actions
  • with template overrides


weeblrAMP WooCommerce support is made of two parts:

  • reading products data from WooCommerce is built-in, as an "integration"
  • display is done through our WooCommerce theme, which is actually a standard WordPress plugin

To fully use WooCommerce, you thus need to download the weeblrAMP WooCommerce theme plugin from our weeblrAMP page, and install it just like you installed weeblrAMP in the first place.

After installation and activation, you gain full support for an AMP WooCommerce shop.

The plugin itself does not need configuration, but it does come with a large set of customization option to adjust the visual aspect of the shop. Please read on the following pages for more details.