Questions about weeblrAMP

What is an access key, and where can I find mine?

An access key is needed for various operations. For instance, the use of WordPress one-click updater with any of our plugins. Or services such as the Disqus "hands-free" support. You will find your personal and unique access key under the Preferences tab of your dashboard. They look like a long string of characters. Just copy/paste it in the corresponding field of our plugins configuration page on your site.

Where can I find a log of weeblrAMP changes per version?

The changelog for weeblrAMP current active branch is on this page.

What are the technical requirements for weeblrAMP use?

You will find them in the technical requirements section of its documentation.

Can I upgrade to the weeblrAMP Extras plan?

Yes, and it's easy. When you have some time left on your weeblrAMP subscription, a Upgrade to weeblrAMP Extras button will be displayed on your dashboard, below your subscription details. Click on it and follow the steps. The remaining value of your current subscription will be prorated against the value of the new subscription.

In which languages is weeblrAMP available?

Currently, weeblrAMP is available in English, Spanish and French. No additional download is needed, language is auto-detected at installation. All language strings use the standard WordPress file format format, so if you have translated some of WeeblrAMP to your language, please get in touch by email (link in footer of this page). We do offer free of charge subscriptions to translators. If you wish to contribute to our plugins translations, we have partnered with POEditor, which provides a nice and convenient online tool for translating weeblrAMP. Again, please get in touch with us.