#111 – Re want to buy the upgrade but am reluctant without some answers

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Monday, 12 November 2018 05:46 UTC
 Hi there,

Your plugin is the first of about 6 I tried today that gave me a green light on Google AMP test on my pages. Except I see two issues immediately that are delaying my purchase.

1. All the pages show some script and look terrible on mobile

2. The home page has the same issue and will not get a green light from Google AMP test.

My homepage is https://auctionaccessjapan.com/ and the plugin is active.

Please advise what needs to be done. Thanks in advance.
Monday, 12 November 2018 15:58 UTC

1 - You seem to be using a page builder or using a lot of shortcodes to build the page. The plugin that creates the content for that page builder may have been disabled in the weeblrAMP setting and not work anymore.
OR this plugin/feature is part of your theme. As you theme is totally NOT used on AMP pages, then probably the plugin is not triggered and does not build the content. Make sure that you have not "Disabled the theme on AMP page" under the "Comments and plugins" page. If that plugin is part of your theme, there may not be a solution for that.

As for the look, remember that you are building another version of your site. The look is yours to customize and build. What you are aiming for is something that looks similar to your standard site. Probably not the same, but at least similar enough so that the user feels "at home" on the AMP version.

2 - As you can see on the AMP validation page, you have an invalid <link> tag on your home page. It seems to be part of your integration of Revolution slider. It's trying to link to a font file. I would advise the following:

- either do not make your home page AMP
- or on that home page do not display the revolution slider on AMP pages and just re-create an AMP slider - using a simple WordPress image gallery, but only showing it on AMP pages). See documentation here.

Best regards

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 05:34 UTC
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