#231 – Newslettter Wordpress Theme

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Monday, 24 August 2020 16:47 UTC

Can you please advise if your WeeblrAMP plugin will work with my Newsletter Wordpress Theme by TagDIV and also my mailpoet plugin. I have tried using the AMP for WP plugin but there is a conflict with Mailpoet.

Thank you.
Monday, 24 August 2020 17:34 UTC

I have no real information on this.

1 - What do you mean by "will work with"? does mailpoet "breaks" you amp pages? or does AMP for WP breaks Mailpoet?

2 - We do not have any support for Mailpoet so your AMP pages will not be able to have a "Register to our newsletter" field unless you custom-code it. We only have an integration for Mailchimp.

3 - "..Newsletter Wordpress Theme by TagDIV ".. Your regular site theme is not used on AMP pages so it cannot have influence on weeblrAMP output. However, if you have plugins or specific output coming from that theme, because the theme is not used at all on AMP Pages, those features, plugins, designs, etc will not exist on AMP pages.

Best regards
Tuesday, 08 September 2020 05:34 UTC
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