#146 – dos errores Undefined index en el plugins

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Friday, 05 April 2019 14:11 UTC
 Hola mi pagina https://pamelan.cl/ esta informando los siguientes errores :

Notice: Undefined index: Undefined index: publisher_id in /home/stgocast/public_html/pamelan.cl/wp-content/plugins/weeblramp/vendor/weeblr/wblib/packages/system/config.php on line 525publisher_id in /home/stgocast/public_html/pamelan.cl/wp-content/plugins/weeblramp/vendor/weeblr/wblib/packages/system/config.php on line 525

Notice: Undefined index: publisher_id in /home/stgocast/public_html/pamelan.cl/wp-content/plugins/weeblramp/vendor/weeblr/wblib/packages/system/config.php on line 388

¿Podrian Ustedes ayudarme?

Atte. Santiago Castillo
Friday, 05 April 2019 14:26 UTC

Please only use English for all your helpdesk requests, it's the only language we can use.

This might be related to the latest update where we removed anything related to Google+. It seems this line was left over. We will make an update to address this early next week.

In the mean time, be sure to run your website with WP_DEBUG set to false to avoid having such notice messages be displayed, this is a security risk.

As you have published this ticket in the SEOInfo category, I will now close it. If the problem is not solved by setting WP_DEBUG to false, please open a new ticket in the weeblrAMP category and reference this ticket.

Best regards
Friday, 05 April 2019 14:54 UTC
Ok thanksatte. Stgo.El vie., 5 abr. 2019 a las 11:26, WeeblrPress (<seoinfo-ticket-reply@weeblrpress.com>) escribió:
This ticket is closed, therefore read-only. You can no longer reply to it. If you need to provide more information, please open a new ticket and mention this ticket's number.