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Wednesday, 03 July 2019 05:51 UTC
 Hi there!

2 questions:

-Can i redirect automatically people to the amp version of each amp url? I can´t do it. Everytime i click in my logo the non amp homepage version is loaded.
-Are you going to implement related posts with thumbnails?

Thank you so much!
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 10:21 UTC

1 -
Everytime i click in my logo the non amp homepage version is loaded.
That's more or less expected. With a standard regular HTML + AMP version setup, most web site owners want their visitors to switch back to normal HTML at some point. Which is why:

- the home page logo sends them to the regular HTML version of the home page
- Menus and links inside the page can be configured

I agree there's a discrepancy here and logo linking should be configurable, I will look into it for a future version. You can currently change that of course but that involves making a template override and fiddling with weeblrAMP API.

2 - We do not have such plan as this has not been requested before, I'll look into it and see what this implies.

Best regards
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 10:33 UTC
Ok, Thank you!

I´ve used WP AMP, AMP WP and AMP FOR WP and the three of them have the option to automatically redirect everything to the amp version. In my case if i use a mobile devide i want everything to be in amp version. It´s annoying to be jumping between amp and non amp urls. That´s my opinion. I´ll wait for that option to be implemented in the future :)
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 10:50 UTC

In my case if i use a mobile devide i want everything to be in amp version.
That's a slightly different thing. These options are for automatically redirecting mobile visitors to your AMP pages. We have not implemented that yet because it's an extremely rare use case. It can only be used when you have a 100% feature and content parity between your responsive pages and your AMP pages.
As Google now uses mobile version for indexing your site content:

- you are adding a redirect before each mobile page, big speed loss and negative ranking factor
- most importantly, you need to be sure that absolutely all your site content, images, structured data, sharing tools and features (newsletter signup, registration, add to cart, payment, etc) is available also on the AMP version. If not either Google or your visitors will miss part of your website.

It also has the drawback of tying your to this method. For instance you may not have now a newsletter signup or another form, but tomorrow you may add that to some pages. But if that feature cannot be implemented easily on AMP, you're stuck or you need to change the URL of the page back to non-AMP and customize the redirection tool to redirect back the old AMP version to the new HTML version. All is doable, just asking for trouble and work.

Like I said, 100% parity is doable, it's just extremely, extremely rare in your nearly 4 years of experience with AMP!

Lastly, note that if you are in that state of mind and have been able to convert all your website features and content to AMP, then I will suggest instead to create a "Standalone" AMP site where ALL the site is AMP with no HTML version at all (see the Operation mode on the main settings page).

Both Mobile and desktop users will get the AMP version, there will not be any /xxx/amp URLs anymore and that's probably pretty good for Google. This would be our recommended choice if you achieve feature parity.

Now the question was more about the links on a page and as I said, I agree the logo should go to the AMP version, if the home page has an AMP version.

Best regards
Thursday, 18 July 2019 05:34 UTC
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