#217 – Indexing duplicate pages again

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Monday, 25 May 2020 06:53 UTC
Hope all is well.

there is some information i listed in the private section about duplicate content
Monday, 25 May 2020 07:25 UTC

weeblramp is starting to index duplicate content and amp pages in a really wierd format
Maybe you mean Google? weeblrAMP does not index any page.

I can quote my reply from that previous thread:

Thanks for reporting this. Those links come from the comment forms. They are inside the response <template> HTML tag so Google should not pick them but they do.

It's usually not considered a problem because the duplicates are few and there is no ambiguity about the canonical page so nobody reported it before. I have made a version which makes sure those /amp/{{link}} returns a 404, that way Google will remove them from their index. You can download the latest dev version from the development versions download area and install it instead of your current version.

There's nothing wrong with that and is exactly as it should per the AMP specification. I don't think Google themselves are picking those links up because they know they are in a <template> element so maybe those links were picked up by robots

What I can see is happening is that URLs such as /xxxx/amp/{{link}}/{{link}} are probably indexed because they don't generate a 404, only URLs such as /xxxx/amp/{{link}}/ do.
So I'm pretty sure Google first indexed those URLs then it removed all those with a single {{link}} because they now returns a 404 but it kept the {{link}}/{{link}} in their index because it had them before and they still return a 200.

Exactly as I said earlier, this is IN NO WAY AN SEO ISSUE. You are mistaking indexing and ranking. You have 8 URLs that may have the same content as one of your AMP pages. That's totally fine. Your AMP pages are not used for ranking. Whether they have duplicates or not absolutely does not matter and does not do any harm to your site. It was not a problem before, when you first reported the issue with many more URLs, and it's not a problem today either.

Best regards

Best regards

Tuesday, 09 June 2020 05:34 UTC
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