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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 08:31 UTC
Im trying to debug some random code being added after the /amp/ url -- real example.. i have a bunch of these urls that google is indexing but they are not part of the sitemap the --- website.com/amp/?PN 

i set in debuggin mode and the log file has a bunch of these messages

What does this mean? Set rewriterules for post types: Array

any idea what might be causing the ?PN being added?

2020-10-07 07:59:42 debug 4 ([email protected]) WeeblrampHelper_Boot::init::287: - Set rewriterules for post types: Array
[post] => Array
[enabled] => 1
[per_taxonomy] => Array
[category] => Array
[2312] => 1
[2121] => 1
[3] => 1
[2128] => 1
[2310] => 1
[2311] => 1
[2328] => 1
[167] => 1
[2289] => 1


Wednesday, 07 October 2020 08:40 UTC

they are not part of the sitemap
A sitemap is not a place where you can find URLs created on the fly by your site and your plugins.

What does this mean? Set rewriterules for post types: Array
It's just some information about the fact weeblrAMP added some rewrite rules so that WordPress is able to decoded the /amp URLs and it lists the categories for which it did that.

any idea what might be causing the ?PN being added?
Not by weeblrAMP, that's guaranteed.

Comments I can make are:

1. Not much can be said without full and real URLS.

2. amp URLs are not indexed by Google, that is you should not see them in search results directly. Is this what you are seeing? Have you checked if you have non-AMP urls with ?PN at the end?
If those non-amp URLs exist, then it's normal weeblrAMP creates the corresponding AMP version also with the ?PN variables, it just keep the same URLs.

3. Most likely culprit here are other extensions appending such a code to track clicks or add functions. Again, it's important to understand whether this happens only on the AMP version of the URLs or if it happens on the regular version of the URL.

Best regards
Thursday, 22 October 2020 05:34 UTC
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