#50 – Theme Display Issues

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Friday, 09 February 2018 03:20 UTC

The AMP pages and posts for https://safetynetwork.me/ aren't displaying properly. Text is running off the side of the page and the buttons are an "x" instead of a button or text link. Is there something I've done wrong?

Thank you for your help!
Friday, 09 February 2018 03:27 UTC
Oh, one more thing. I get an email from the Search Console showing an error in the coding. I've attached the email screenshot for reference. Is there something else I need to do to clear up the error?
Friday, 09 February 2018 09:09 UTC

(I looked at the https://safetynetwork.me/about/amp/ page for reference)

1 -
Text is running off the side of the page
I assume you mean in the header: That's happening because the image is of an incorrect size. If you use this feature, you are using a layout where you have a logo image and then some text. But you are using a large, wide image. I would suggest either resizing this image to be larger (the width of your page) or using it as a background image instead maybe (see the customizer for setting a background image).

2 -
the buttons are an "x" instead of a button or text link.
The style for these buttons seem to be missing. This button is coded as:
<span class="et_pb_image_wrap"><span class="et-pb-icon et-waypoint et_pb_animation_left">w</span></span>

I assume that all those CSS classes are part of your theme? Your theme is not used at all on AMP pages. You should use the "Custom CSS" field in weeblrAMP settings to maybe copy over or redo those styles from your theme to have them look as you see fit.

3 -
Search Console showing an error in the coding
Yes, this needs to be fixed. Does the message says exactly on which page this happens? it should, or that info should be available somewhere on the console. I have looked at https://safetynetwork.me/about/amp/ and I don't see anything like that. The page is actually valid.
One thing I notice though is that you have WPRocket enabled on this page. Considering the type of error (rel tag is missing), it might well be that WP Rocket is stripping this piece of content to save space. I would suggest:

- first find a page with the problem (you can use the Chrome AMP extension to see if your pages are valid instantly).
- Once you find a page with the error, disable WPRocket and check whether the error goes away.


Saturday, 24 February 2018 05:34 UTC
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