Privacy policy

This pages details our policy about how we collect and store information we may have about you. If you have identified an instance where we do not comply with this policy, please contact us immediately by email (address in footer of this page), so that we can fix the problem as quickly as possible.

What information do we collect?

When you are browsing pages of the Site

When you visit the Site, some personal information are sent to us automatically such as your IP address, details about the browser you use and "cookies" from your past visits. We may record and use this information to be able to display pages and execute the Service. Cookies are small files that are sent by our servers to your browser so that we can recognize you from one page to the next. For instance, our systems use cookies to identify you after you have logged in into the Site. You can setup your browser to limit or reject cookies from us or from any other websites, however this will prevent your from using many if not most features of the Service.

We also do use services provided by others to measure the traffic throughout the Service, and they may also use their own cookies to perform this usage collection. The data collected however is anonymized and aggregated, and cannot let you be personally identified.

When you are using a browser extension we offer

We may provide browser extensions distributed through browser suppliers extensions stores or otherwise. We do not collect any information on your when you install, use or uninstall those extensions.

When you create a Subscription

You can register an account with us, including paid-for ones. In such case and to be able to execute the Service, we will collect:

  • an email address
  • an optional username

Note on passwords: while we do prompt you for a password when you create an account, we never store this password as such. We instead store a modified version of it, that we can use to verify you enter a valid password when logging in, but from which we cannot infer back the initial real password. If you were to loose it, we would be unable to provide you again your original password, and you would have to create a new one - which is really easy.

When you make purchases

  • Details of any financial transactions made with us.
  • Company name, land address, phone number and VAT number, if you entered them in your account data because you wanted them on an invoice after a transaction.

When you use the Service

  • Comments you may have made on our blog.
  • Support requests you made through our support system, and all subsequent exchanges between you and us made through said system, including files you may have uploaded to the Service

When you contact us

When you contact us directly, by email, we will usually record all messages exchanged, just like you!

What do we do with this information?

  • Your email address should not be displayed within the Service to anyone else but you or accredited agents of WeeblrPress, so that they can perform their duties.
  • Your username will be displayed on public pages of the Site, for instance inside forum discussions.
  • Your email address, username or any other personally identifiable information will not be communicated to any other 3rd-party, for free or for a fee, except if required by law or in extraordinary events such as us being acquired for instance. In the latter case, you will be able to opt-out by having your account deleted as stated below.
  • We may send you email messages and newsletter to inform you about changes in the Service, including security alerts or new releases information.

What can you do with this information?

  • At any time you can update email address, company name, land address, phone number and VAT number we have on record for you through your personal dashboard, a Site page which becomes available after you have properly logged-in to the Site
  • You can modify or delete comments you made on our blog directly where you made them in the first place
  • You can use your dashboard to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our informational newsletters
  • If you wish your account to be removed from our records, please contact us by email (address in footer of this page) to request so. Be aware that deleting this information will cause the termination of any Subscription you may have with us. Also, for technical reasons, some information may remain in our records even after an account deletion. Finally, we may have to charge you a fee to offset the cost of performing such actions.